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List do host family

Postanowiłam podzielić się moim listem do host family. 
Zabrałam się za niego dzień po założeniu konta na APiA.
Napisanie zajęło mi ok. 40 min. Wcześniej poczytałam sobie inne listy, które można wyszukać w Google i tak oto powstał mój. Wybaczcie, jeśli pojawiły się w nim jakieś rażące błędy ( gramatyka nigdy nie była moją mocną stroną).

Dear future host family,

I am already very excited about getting to know you, but firstly I want to introduce myself to you and hopefully make your decision easier.
My name is Martyna (nazwisko), I am 20 years old and I live in Poland. (nazwa miasta)  is a small town with with 38,000  inhabitants.

Six years ago I saw an article in the newspaper about au pairs.  And from that day , I have also wanted to become an Au Pair.
Now this dream could become true.
I graduated from high school in 2014. Now I working in a hotel as a receptionist .

I live together with my mom and my dad.  My mom (Malgorzata) is 47 years old  and she is a tailor.  My dad (Mariusz) is 50 years old and he works as a truck driver. I am so happy that they support  my plans of going  to the USA as an au pair.  I also have an older sibling.  My sister (Magda) is 27 years old and she works in the office in human resources. My brother ( Michal) is 29 years old and he works in the same company as my dad. My brother has a wife and two lovely sons. The older ( Kacper) is 5 years old and the youngest ( Ksawery) is almost 2 years old. I really love spending my free time with them. I often taking them to playgrounds, walks or we spending time at home playing with toys.

My reasons why I want to be an Au Pair:

I want to be a part of your family, I want to make your children happy and help them accomplish their goals,  meet new people and making new friends, learn more about American culture, improving my English skills. It would be a great experience for me to share my life with your family for a whole year!

My experience working with children:
I was 15 years old when my first nephew was born. I frequently looking after him and his younger brother. Sometimes I spending with them whole days. Feeding them, putting to bed, playing, learning new skills, changing nappies.  From May to November 2014 I was an au pair in London. I looked after three  siblings ( 7 months old girl named Amina and two boys-  2 years old Hadim  and 9 years old Omar). I was teaching the youngest girl walking. She was very lovely toddler. She really liked dancing with me, playing her toys or just hugging with me.  I learned Hadim use a potty. The oldest Omar was going to school. I helped him doing homework, prepare to the tests and reading his school book. I really liked playing Lego with him.
From December to mid- March I was looking after 3 years old boy named Jan. We read books, we often went to walks and when the weater was bad we were stay at home and play with toys. I had a lot of fun with Jan. I was looking for him three times a week for 4-5 hours.
I always trying to do my best to make kids happy.

I passed my driver‘s license in February 2015. I drive a car very carefully.  As part of my driving school lessons, I also attended a first-aid course. I have experience driving in snow and ice, as we have a very cold and snowy winter in Poland.

I am a responsible,  reliable, open-minded, friendly and positive girl. I am very keen of  meeting new people and seeing new countries. I love cooking and baking. I also trying to prepare  healty meals. I like travelling, spending time with my friends  and reading books.
When I return from the USA I want to continue my education in college.

Thank you very much for your interest in my application!
Yours Sincerely,

Martyna (nazwisko)

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